Double Dragon Fists of Rage

It's ass-kicking time



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Double Dragon Fists of Rage is a traditional 'beat 'em up' game where you will control brothers Billy and Jimmy on a street adventure to rescue the beautiful Marian, who has been kidnapped by a gang of troublemakers.

Fists of Rage, like the original Double Dragon, was designed to be played with two players in cooperative mode, although it also includes a one-player mode. Still, like most games, playing alone just isn't as fun.

You'll be able to use tons of different attacks: punches, kicks, grabs, hits with objects, special fury attacks... thanks to such a wide variety of moves, you'll be able to stand up against the many enemies that you'll face.

Although fighting gangs will take up most of your time in the game, you'll also need to watch out for traps, which can really damage your health if you run into them.

Double Dragon Fists of Rage is a really fun arcade game that holds onto the spirit of traditional games. Punches, kicks, gangs, and kidnappings - what more could you ask for?
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